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k e n n e t h   e u g e n e   p e t e r s
My paintings are firmly rooted in the American realist tradition.  Form and light play key roles
in my work. The transient nature of light, particularly at sundown, intrigues me.  More than
any other element, light determines the mood or atmosphere within a piece. I work primarily
in oil on stretched canvas.

Grounded in my lifetime fascination with architecture, much of my subject matter explores
the concept of home and shelter.  Each of us seeks a place to call our own, a refuge from
the outside world where we choose who may (or may not) enter within.  The concept of
individuals and families occupying the same space over time is also one that intrigues me.  
Each generation leaves a mark on the structure, adding substance and character to the
original form.

Recently I have returned to landscape painting as a focus for my newest work. These
canvases still rely on an architectural framework, but one found within a landscape setting.
They are derived from my travels around the country, and based on sketches and
photographs completed on these journeys.

Artists who I admire (and feel influenced by) include Edvard Munch, John Sloan, Charles
Burchfield, Edward Hopper, Fairfield Porter, Richard Diebenkorn and Tinam Valk.

Kenneth Eugene Peters