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k e n n e t h   e u g e n e   p e t e r s
Kenneth Eugene Peters was born and raised in Laurel, Maryland.   Upon entering
the University of Maryland he initially pursued a degree in architecture.  After
dropping out of college for two years to work full-time for a suburban Maryland
architectural firm, Peters returned to school and completing a B.A. in art history
and studio art.  While in college he studied painting with Richard Klank for two

In 1995 Peters earned a masters degree in legal and ethical studies from the
University of Baltimore. Career moves took him to Columbus, Ohio in 1996 and
then to North Carolina in 1999.  Peters has exhibited throughout North Carolina,
and is the co-author of three local history books: “Historic Raleigh” (with Jennifer
Kulikowski), “Historic Photos of Raleigh-Durham” (with Dusty Wescott), and
“Remembering Raleigh” (with Dusty Wescott).  He resides in Raleigh, where he
maintains a studio in his home.